About Us

Zarkpas was firmly implanted to educate the world about West Africa rich fashion.  From our amazing lustrous colors and unique patterns we focus on making you feel beautiful inside and outside while educating you about West African Fashion.
Derived from The Grand Gedeh tribe from Monrovia Liberia, the word Zarkpa means debt free, which is Tracy late grandmother name. Zarkpa’s epitomize on simplicity and authentic African Culture, which is why all of  our fabrics are imported from West African Countries Ghana, Nigeria, and Liberia. Each fabric are hand selected and custom made in Detroit, MI at our production facility by our experienced in house seamstress
Ms. Kima Delleh who is also a Liberian native.  
Our purpose is to enhance your lifestyle while making you feel  lavish and pleasant when you are wearing one of our pieces. Our beautiful apparel comes in whatever size you will like, visit our chart page and put in your today.  
Join the movement and start living the West African Fashion Lifestyle.  
The Zarkpas Team